A Model for Caregiving

October 30

Casting all your cares upon him,  for he cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

Jesus Christ is such a healthy example of a care giver.  When He deals with us, he comes alongside us.  In fact, he became  a human being and related to us as human beings.  We didn’t have to become more spiritual to reach him.   He became human to touch us.

When he was on earth, Jesus accepted his human limitations.  He chose twelve disciples to assist him in his work.  He took time to rest, to eat, to relate with friends, and to renew himself. He often would pull away to pray even when people were pressuring him to give more.  When he did give to others, it was out of fullness rather than emptiness-out of love, not duty.

Jesus respects our boundaries.  He never forces himself on us, and he never pressures us to see things his way.  He supports us and loves us even while he allows us to face the consequences of our choices.  Because Jesus is this kind of care giver, we feel enriched after being with him,  and our self respect is increased.

Not only is  Jesus an incredible model for each of us as we give care to others, he is a trustworthy Lord on whom we can cast our burdens.

MY PRAYER:  Jesus, today as I reach out to others in my life, help me to model my care giving after yours.