The Riches Of Knowing God

  • Oh, the deapth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his  judgments and his ways past finding out!Romans 11:33. I loved my own mother and father. I knew I could call them on the phone to share any burden and they would empathize and pray for me. I also appreciated the support of my husband, children, and friends. My parents and husband are gone now. But there is something about my relationship with God that reaches beyond all these other relationships.God is all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present, and compassionate. He sees through me like an X-ray machine. He knows my hurts, my joys, my pain, my insecurities, my unconscious motives, my vacuums and emotional voids, my temptations, and -yes- even every sin and failure. And yet he calls me his daughter, loves me unconditionally, and uses a host of  circumstances and people to bring comfort to my soul.How God does this I will never know until I die and enroll in the University of Heaven for my Ph.D. in Advanced Truth! Until then, I will enjoy the riches of knowing God while accepting the fact that his decisions [judgments] and his ways of doing things are beyond my limited human comprehension.Thought:  I will thank my awesome God today for who he is and what he means in my life.

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