Small Steps, Big Goals

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

Psalms 37:23

Do you know where you’re going and can you get there from here? Many of us go through life with a distant, fuzzy picture in our mind of what we want out of life and how we’re going to get it. But we don’t make the effort to define our goals clearly, and so we don’t make much real progress. I often say that if you aim for a star, you’ll at least end up in outer space-if you don’t end up a little spacey.

When I set my own goals, I think of a few long-term objectives I want to reach. Then I ask myself, “Are these goals really achievable for me, and if I do achieve them will I feel satisfaction?”  I also ask myself if these goals are consistent with my relationship with God and what I feel He wants me to do with my life. If these criteria are met, then I am ready to map out my  strategies for goal achievement.

I think of small steps that will help me reach the goals I have chosen. Each day I try to take a few small steps toward my long-term goals. Even on those days when my goals seem far away, I can pat myself on the back for taking a few short steps.

Thought:  Today I will take small steps to eventually reach big goals.


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