Accepting God’s Cleansing

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalms 51:10

It is so easy for women on the journey to beat themselves for the sins of yesterday. Something down deep inside wants to convince us that because we weren’t victors yesterday, we can’t be victors today. Like the psalmist David, we have the duty of accepting God’s cleansing. He is willing to give us a fresh start today. Will we accept it?

David should be a comfort to all of us. He committed adultery, murder and cover-up. Most of us can’t top that. Yet, God called David “A man after my own heart” [see Acts 13:22]. Why did God love David so much? David acknowledged his sin and knew that God would be faithful to create him anew.

We may feel unworthy of God’s love today. Victory over sin may not have been evident in the last few days-or even weeks! We may have slipped back into behaviors we thought we had victory over. Guess what! God is still there. He loves us, and He’s reaching out His hand. Let’s take God’s hand today! Let’s pray and ask Him to create in us a clean heart. Let’s start today anew with Christ.

Thought:  I will visualize Christ as lovingly holding out His hand to renew me-then grab hold!


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