Making Room For Quiet

That we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

I Timothy 2:2

Quiet, please! We live in a noisy and busy world. We rush continually from one important meeting to another. As wives, mothers, workers, homemakers, and housekeepers, we sometimes feel led by our schedules. We long for solitude, yet few of us are willing to make room for a quiet time in our lives.

Christ was only on earth for thirty-three years and spent only three years in active ministry. He had an immense mission to fulfill. Yet  He considered His quiet time with His Father a necessary part of His mission.

What happens when we find the time to be quiet and listen? God’s wisdom looms larger and our problems shrink. Silence changes our perspective and forces us to look within ourselves. It helps us to understand our hidden motives and see our relationships more clearly. We gain more meaningful knowledge of what is really going on inside our heads, and we become more accepting of others.

Although quiet times are not a cure-all, they are a start. But I find I must decide daily to get away to a quiet place where I can talk with God and meditate on His Word.

Thought:  My quiet time today is not wasted time.


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