Balance In Life

You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.

Daniel 5:27

One of our daughters was a gymnast. Watching her routines, I learned a little about the sport. And one thing I learned was that balance is a key to success in gymnastics, especially on the balance beam. The first few years of lessons on the beam were little more than carefully walking across it without falling off. As lessons progressed, the girls learned to do jumps, and flips. By high school, the challenge was to do an intricate routine without falling off.

Balance is a key ingredient in life as well as on the balance beam. Early in life we are taught the basic principles of balance. We learned that walking outside was fine, but walking in the middle of the street wasn’t. That was balance. We learned that we coul,d play after school, but we also had to do our homework. Our parents, knowingly and unknowingly, by action and by word, taught us how to balance our lives. Some lessons we learned well; others we still struggle with.

As we walk the balance beam of life, we make adjustments in time management, in relationships, in our careers, and in the “re-creation” of our  own bodies, souls and  spirits. And in life as well as in gymnastics, wisdom, flexibility, and experience all help bring success.

Prayer:  Dear God, please weigh my priorities in your balances today. Showing me if I am “wanting” in any area of my life.