Healthy Pride

Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else.

Galations 6:4

There are lots of paradoxes in psychology. Today’s verse points to one of those paradoxes-the paradox between healthy pride and grandiosity. Many times people with chronically low self-esteem try to disguise their inner emptiness by puffing themselves up. Our verse asks us to test ourselves for such false pride-in order to take pride in ourselves as worthy children of God.

It’s a delicate balance. This Scripture tells us to look in the mirror honestly; to take credit and be happy for all our real accomplishments, our areas of growth and triumph, but not to puff ourselves up into something we’re not.

When we really look at ourselves with a prayerful attitude, we are freed from both grandiosity and self-condemnation. In addition, as we’re really honest with ourselves, we’re able to pull away from destructive dependant relationships. We no longer need the constant approval of others, and we feel a new strength to bear our own load.

Thought:  I will obey scripture by examining my behavior today. I will take healthy pride in my cooperation with God on my journey.


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