What Do They See

And he said, “What have they seen in your house?”

II Kings 20:15

King Hezekiah had been near death but God, in His grace, chose to let him live. The king of Babylon took advantage of the situation. He sent envoys to Hezekiah’s house, supposedly to find out how Hezekiah had gotten well and to congratulate him. But the Babylonian king really wanted to know the strength of Hezekiah’s armies. Soon after the visit, the prophet Isaiah came to Hezekiah and asked him the question that is in today’s verse. Hezekiah sheepishly told Isaiah that he had shown the messengers his vast holdings, including gold, horses, and soldiers. Isaiah told Hezekiah what a dangerous and foolish thing he had done. By showing his house, Hezekiah had told his enemies too much about himself.

I often wonder about my own house. What do people see when they walk through my doors? Does my house convey the feeling of welcome to a weary traveler? Do visitors sense a feeling of calm as they walk through the house? What about my children’s feelings about home? Can they comfortably bring their friends here? Does the¬†literature and music in my home reflect the love of God? If a stranger walked into my home today and read it like he was reading a book, would I be proud of what he was reading?

Thought:  My home tends to reflect who I am. Is it conveying the message I want to send today?