Speaking Truth

Speaking  the truth in love.

Ephesians 4:15

But it’s so much more natural to speak the truth in anger,” Sue said, “I don’t know the first thing about speaking it in love.”

Can you relate to Sue? So often we associate speaking the truth with criticism, verbal abuse, or sarcasm. After all, that’s how many of us heard it in our family of origin. The problem is that what we heard was not necessarily the truth. Verbal abuse and sarcasm tell us more about the criticizer than the person being criticized. Constructive honesty builds people up. Destructive honesty tears them down. Words leave a permanent imprint on people’s lives. And relationships do not give a license for rudeness.

When you talk , is the other person touched by your acceptance, understanding, and empathy? If so, your communication demonstrated love. But is your communication also characterized by truth? That’s equally important . Love and mental telepathy are not the same thing. If you’re upset, afraid, feeling neglected or angry, you need to say so.

The only person who lived this principle of  “truth in love” perfectly was Jesus Christ. Let’s ask Him to help us to be more aware of our communication.

Prayer:  Lord, help me today to be lovingly honest.


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