Seeing God As He Is

But  let him who glories glory in this,  that he understands and knows Me.

Jeremiah 9:24

Marci was sexually abused by her stepfather, a deacon in a local church, from the time she was two until he was killed in an automobile accident when she was eight. Marci told her mother about the abuse, and her mother replied,”That’s no big deal! It happens to lots of girls.” A couple of years later, Marci’s mother married another “religious” man, but this one was physically rather than sexually abusive.

Marci came to me when she was thirty. She was married to an abusive atheist. I worked with her for over three years, trying to be a loving listener. Marci knew I was a Christian, but because  of her circumstances I tried to exhibit  Christian character in my therapy work without saying a lot about my faith. As we neared the end of therapy, Marci said,”Well, is that all there is?” I felt we had gotten to a place  she was ready for the “good news”. So I shared the gospel with her and worked to help her begin a relationship with God to fill the vacuum her “fathers” had left. Like many people Marci had to learn to see her heavenly Father without the “dark glasses” of her experience  with earthly father figures. Eventually, however, she came to see Him as He is-loving, kind, forgiving, and compassionate.

Thought:  Today I will try to see my heavenly Father as He really is , not through the glasses of my earthly experience.


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