Family Connections

Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.

Psalms 50:15

Two little girls were playing on the banks of the Mississippi River and watching the stately, white paddle wheelers make their way lazily up the river. Suddenly one of the little girls turned to the other one and said,”I can make that steamer come right over here to where I am.” The other  little girl looked at her in disbelief. “You can’t do that, you don’t have that much power.” “Oh yes I do,” was the first girl’s reply. With that she ran to the nearest dock and started waving her hands over her head. And amazingly, after a few minutes, one of the big boats turned from its course and headed toward the dock.

One little girl couldn’t believe it. The other one just beamed. Finally the huge steamer was close to the dock. The weathered captain leaned over the railing and said, “Hi honey. How’s my daughter? What I can I do for you?”

Family connection means everything. Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior are part of God’s family. God’s resources become ours. When we call on Him, we can be sure that He hears and will answer us. He is a faithful, loving Father.

Prayer:  Thank you, Jesus, that I am a part of your family. Thank you that you are my deliverer in the day of trouble.