Accepting Criticism

The ear that hears the reproof of life will abide among the wise.

Proverbs 15:31

We are wise when we learn from the experiences which we have in life, but we’re even wiser when we can learn from someone else’s experiences.  Accepting criticism is one way of doing this.

Why do we resist criticism?  Usually, pride is the core of the resistance.  Pride makes us defensive and unteachable.  And what is underneath the pride?  Usually  severe insecurity  lies beneath the veneer of pride.  Before we can accept criticism, we need to examine who we are and acknowledge our underlying insecurity.

At the same  time, we must also bear in mind that criticism is seldom totally true.  Critics are only people.  We must keep in mind that most  critics speak only from their  own limited perspectives.  But we can still learn and grow from imperfect criticisms if we will acknowledge that God teaches us through imperfect vessels.  We must learn to sift out  the truth from the criticism we receive and then let the rest go.

Thought for the day:  Learning from criticism is a wise thing, so I will keep my ears open for it today.DSCN2377


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