Happiness or Holiness

But seek first the Kindom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

Lillian was sure her plan would bring her happiness. She wasn’t happy with her husband, so she had chosen to find someone else to fulfill her needs. She agreed to counseling, but her mind was made up. She would leave her husband and three children, marry her lover, and move to another state.

 Lillian was headed for disaster for two reasons. First, she made up her definition of happiness. Second, she had chosen to go against her Christian faith and seek happiness above holiness, forgetting that holiness is the only way to true happiness.

In counsellling, Lillian was confronted lovingly but firmly with the truth about relationships. She faced her childhood fantasy of “Someday. my prince will come.” Slowly she realized that in reality there are no princes in most people’s lives, but that her husband was a reasonably good guy.

All stories don’t have happy endings.  This one does. Lilllian is now reunited with her husband and children. She is acutely aware of what she almost lost. Her daily prayer is “Lord, this is a new day, help me to seek holiness first today. Help me to realize that I will only be truly happy as I seek  to do your will each day.”

Prayer:  Lord, help me use You as an example of holiness.