Sorting the Garbage

Our offenses and sins weigh us down, and we are wasting away because of them.

Ezek. 33:10

Garbage is more and more a topic of conversation these days. An archaeologist at the University of Arizona sorts through fresh trash for its sociological significance.  And overflowing landfills have made us realize we are a nation of too much garbage; we must make better decisions about what to recycle and what to throw away.

I find that counseling women on the journey is a little like going to the garbage dump. The women wade through their past lives , each one decides what can be used and what needs to stay in the dump. Abuse victims, for example, must work through their past experiences  to find what they can ” recycle” [understanding for other victims, empathy for people in pain, the strength that comes from surviving] as well as what they must ” throw away” [shame and guilt over the attack, bitterness toward their attacker and God, fear of relationships].

There is much we can keep even from bad experiences, but too much garbage in our mind can push out all the good things God wants to give us. Let’s determine that today, with God’s help, we begin to make wise choices about what to do with the garbage that fills our minds.

Thought:  Today, I will give God all the garbage in my mind that I can’t use for betterment.  He has plenty of landfills to hold it all.