The Gift Of Birth

There is…a time to be born.

Eccl. 3:1-2

How sweet it is to hear a newborn baby cry. For anyone who has gone through the agony of childbirth, that cry is a joyous sign that labor is over and a new life has begun. Every birth is filled with wonder.

The miracle of conception and birth is well documented but still awe inspiring. Two tiny cells unite  to begin the process. The resulting fertilized egg is only barely visible to the naked eye, yet it contains all the directions necessary to form a human being. The first cell divides, then redivides, attaches itself to the womb, and the baby begins to grow.

It is truly beyond my comprehension how a baby  could form in nine short months from these two cells.  No  human feat has ever come close to competing with the miracle of reproductions-only God could invent  such a process. Yet many people today seem to have  forgotten God; they do not recognize Him as the giver of life.  As mothers-or as friends and children-let’s give thanks to God today for the miracle of birth.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for those you used to give me birth and those you privileged me to give birth to. Keep me ever aware of and grateful for the miracle of new life.