Many Gifts

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them.


When I sit down for dinner, I often think of all the hands it tookj to bring the meal to the table. Farmers had to carefully plant, cultivate, and harvest the crops. They sold the food to the manufactures, who processed and packaged it. Store personnel placed it on shelves and ran it through checkout lines. I bought  many foods and mixed them together to get  to the final step of a meal for my family.

Many different people also helped me to be what I am spiritually today. I became a Christian through a televised Billy Graham crusade when I was ten years old. I think of the Sunday School teachers who helped lay the foundations of my faith and the youth leaders who tirelessly worked with me when I was going through those “teen years,” I think of my Bible-study leaders and pastors who have ministered to me so faithfully during my adult life.

What am I doing to give back a portion of what has been given to me? Hundreds of people with many different talents have helped me grow spiritually. I want to use my own gifts to help others grow.

Thought:  I am only one, but I am one who can choose to give back a little of what has been given to me.