Living In The Present

Give us this day our daily bread.

Luke 11:3

We have three clear choices as we live our lives. We can look back, look forward, or live in the present.

Continually looking back can cause us to stumble. Whether our past is filled with failure or success, continually dwelling on it will not help us today. We can learn from it , but we shouldn’t live in it.

Living for the future can bring problems too.It’s good to look ahead, to plan better ways of facing future challenges of life. But focusing only on tomorrow can either paralyze us with fear or distract us with pipedreams.

The best way to stay on the journey is to choose each day to live a balanced , healthy life. We pray for God to “give us this day, our daily bread.” We also to need to pray for God to give us daily help for our emotional and spiritual needs. We can avoid failing into depression or despair by focusing on present possibilities instead of future problems or past failures.

Thought:  I choose today to learn from my past and hope in my future, but focus on living on a balanced, meaningful life with loving relationships.